10 Classic People You Probably Ran Into In The Northern Quarter Last Night

Every. Single. Time

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We've all been there, overwhelmed by the enormity of personas surrounding us in Manchester. 

Both proud of the diversity that our city holds, and baffled as to where these freaks came from.

Here's the definitive list of the 10 people you will come across on a Saturday between the hours of dusk and dawn (and lingering around Dusk Til Pawn) in the Northern Quarter.

1. The rogue Southerner out to "experience a bit o' rough"

How to spot:

  • Thick necks
  • Thicker accents
  • Talks of ‘when I played school rugby’
  • Peers at any non-Londoner as though they're a new species in a zoo

2. Tangoed "go-getters"

How to spot:

  • False eyelashes stuck to eyelid
  • Older sister’s ID

Disclaimer: Not to be confused with a nomadic group of people known to have lived in Central Asia between the 1st and 7th century AD.


3. The sober guy just trying to get home

He’s worked a 13 hour shift waiting tables and just wants to crawl into bed.

Yes, he has a lighter, but he’s not going to give it to you.


4. The over-35 love story heading home after Albert Schloss

Despite what you may think, yes, they are definitely old enough to be your parents. Look upon this pair as #ManchesterNightoutGoals.

Love is most definitely real.


5. The outrageous hipster long-boarding home from 57 Thomas Street

Filled to the brim with so much craft beer that if he leaned over, it actually might spill out, this young man shows us exactly why hipsters are the ideal clientele for a pub (despite their notions), by taking himself home well before daylight breaks.

Good man.


6. That man who brings his dog into The Angel

What a pup. Heh.


7. The literary whores outside Chapter One


8. The Tinder dates in Walrus

With its Amsterdam like mood lighting, ice-breaking music, and many's a dark corner, Walrus.

Tinder on kids, Tinder on.



9. The hardcore drinkers in Port Street Beer House

A pub primarily known for its good pints. Says it all really.


10. The football lads in The Green

And finally, what would a night in Manchester be without two men, from the same city, arguing over who supports the better team?

It's not really a contest.

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