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13 Reasons Why Primark Is The Worst Shop On Earth

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Primark is a lot like marmite. You either love it or you hate it but, for most people, it’s tacky and bitterly disappointing.

Here’s everything we just can’t stand about the megastore from hell…

1. It makes you look tacky

2. The homewear is just cheap tat

3. Clown make-up…avoid avoid avoid!

4. They just don’t understand that Disney is lyf

5. And where’s a girl supposed to get her Potter fix?

6. The shoes are just plain fugly

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Absolutely in love????

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7. Not even your nan would be caught dead in the lingerie…

8. This is just child cruelty

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You are something magical????

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9. It’s all so itchy and uncomfortable

10. Whoever said “I want to be a mermaid with a magical mermaid tail”?

11. It’s a big ugly eyesore

12. It’s just all crowds and stress, you never have fun shopping at Primark

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This is our final form?

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13. Worst of all, you hardly get anything for your money

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