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ULTIMATE TIME WASTER: 20 Useless Facts You Don’t Need To Know But You Should

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They say you learn something every day right?

Well, after this piece you will have so many useless facts to share with your mates that they are going to be mind blown.

Go on, tell me – how many of these did you know already?

1. It’s currently so hot around the world that the Artic Circle is on fire.

Artic Circle Fire

Image credit: Getty Images

2. Liam Neeson used to be a teacher but got fired for punching a 15-year-old boy when the boy pulled out a knife

Liam Neeson

3. A 2006 study found that when people faked a heart attack in front of their dogs, not a single one ran to a nearby bystander for help.

4. Sea otters hold hands when they sleep to keep them from drifting apart.

Otters Holding Hands

5. Charles Darwin brought a 5-year-old Tortoise named Harriet back from the Galapagos Islands that later ended up being owned by Steve Irwin. Harriet, the tortoise, died in 2006 at the age of 176.

Steve Irwin Tortoise Harriet

6. Bread stored in a refrigerator goes stale more quickly than bread stored at room temperature.

7. White chocolate contains cocoa butter, but no chocolate solids – so technically it isn’t chocolate.

8. People with blue eyes could have a greater chance of becoming alcoholics, according to a study.

Blue Eyes

9. A man once staged a kidnapping of himself in front of his wife just so he could go out the whole night and party with his friends.

10. Airplanes have horns and can ‘honk’.

11. Guinness drinkers with a moustache are wasting an estimated 162,719 pints every year by trapping it in their facial hair.


12. The expiration date on bottled water is for the bottle, not the water.

13. New research suggests that hunger is a more powerful force than thirst or even fear.


14. Female dragonflies will fake their own deaths to avoid mating with unwanted males.

15. The phrase ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ originated in the 1970’s.

16. Most people do not even smile until around 11.16am on a Monday morning.

Grumpy Face

17. Sloths do not fart


18. Michael Jackson once called 911 after his car broke down in Beverly Hills. He was told only to use 911 for emergencies and was very surprised when they refused to help him, even after telling them he was Michael Jackson.

19. Trees go to ‘sleep’ at night by drooping all of their branches

20. If you were a woman in the 19th century, you could be committed to an insane asylum for drinking too much tea.

And there you have it, next time you see your mates…HIT THEM WITH THE FACTS.

Fact credits: uberfacts

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