Manchester Voted Number 2 Most Hipster City in the UK

We've cracked the hipster formula, apparently


It's official: Manchester has been named the #2 most hipster city in the UK, just scraping the heels of Brighton and Hove, which has been listed as #1.

As reported by the Metro, the research looked into 446 cities across 20 countries, working out a formula for what constitutes ‘hipster’ - because that’s apparently really easily quantifiable now. 

The fascinating thing is that our biggest city - London - does not even get a look-in to the top 100 cities. As a comparison, New York didn’t get into the top 100 either. 

The research was conducted by MoveHub, who said that although London and New York are very well-known 'hipster hideouts', it’s almost impossible for them to rank highly because of population density.

'The Hipster method' relies the tally up below to dictate how hipster a city really is. So basically, this is how they work it out: The number of vegan eateries, coffee shops, tattoo studios, vintage boutiques, and record stores per 100,000 city residents if the area has population above 150,000 (the more total shops etc, the higher the hipster score)

Brighton has 37 vegan eateries, 125 coffee shops and nine record shops per 100,000 people in the British seaside spot, making it top the charts for Hipster-ville. Across the world, Manchester actually ranks 27th (2nd in the UK) AND then Edinburgh in 32nd globally (But 3rd in the UK).

Here is the top ranking hipster cities in the UK...

  1. Brighton and Hove 
  2. Manchester 
  3. Edinburgh 
  4. Belfast 
  5. Glasgow 
  6. Bristol Cardiff 
  7. Nottingham 
  8. York 
  9. Oxford 
  10. Newcastle 
  11. Leeds 
  12. Swansea 
  13. Bournemouth 
  14. Norwich 
  15. Sheffield 
  16. Liverpool 
  17. Portsmouth 
  18. Southend 
  19. Poole 
  20. Hull 
  21. Southampton 
  22. London 
  23. Sunderland 
  24. Milton Keynes 
  25. Aberdeen 
  26. Middlesbrough 
  27. Plymouth 
  28. Leicester 
  29. Reading 
  30. Wolverhampton 
  31. Peterborough 
  32. Derby 
  33. Coventry 
  34. Stoke 
  35. Huddersfield 
  36. Bradford 
  37. Warrington
  38. Swindon 
  39. Northampton 
  40. Slough 
  41. Birmingham 
  42. Bolton 
  43. Luton

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