Here It Is - The Definitive List Of The Top 20 Oasis Songs Of All Time

What classics have we missed?


After months of painstaking research*, and more arguments than the Gallagher brothers at Christmas, we've finally come up with the ultimate, definitive, final breakdown of the 20 greatest ever songs from one of Manchester's greatest ever exports, Oasis. 

Without further ado, allow us to present their 20 best songs, in no particular order. We simply couldn't rank them. 

As an added bonus, this makes for a great pre-drinks playlist next time you're getting ready to head out on the town. 

What classics have we forgotten? Let us know in the comments.

*a quick show of hands in the Lovin office. 

Rockin' Chair

"I'm older than I wish to be." You said it, lads.


A Definitely Maybe classic 


One of their best. The unplugged version is even better. That harmonica.

All Around The World

Starts off slow before developing into a belting banger.

Some Might Say 

We will find a brighter day...

Cigarettes and Alcohol

Terrible vices. Great tune. That intro.

What's The Story Morning Glory

From the album of the same name.

Hey Now

An underrated classic.

Up In The Sky

Learning to fly...

Don't Look Back In Anger

Couldn't exclude what is in many ways Oasis' signature tune. 


Not a bad writing attempt by Liam.

The Importance Of Being Idle

One of their great later tunes.

Live Forever

One of the tunes that sprang the band into the mainstream. 


We really do need each other...

The Masterplan 

Number one for many Oasis fans.

Champagne Supernova



He sits in a corner all alone...

The Hindu Times

In and out my brain, you're runnin' through my vein...


We couldn't leave it out, could we?

Roll With It

Unadulterated fun.

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