9 Signs You're Slowly Turning Into A Manc

How many can you tick off?

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Loads of people who live in our fair city are not from here originally, which we love.

The longer you've lived in Manchester, the more likely you are to have assimilated into the culture. 

Whether you're Manc born and bred or from further afield, here are nine signs you're slowly becoming a native - and be warned, the process is irreversible.

1. You've adopted the language

You move to Manchester and a month later you're calling everyone you talk to our kid.

2. You refer to Manchester as 'home' 

Just don't let your mum catch you saying it if you're from Salford way. She'll 'ave you for supper.

3. You know that Spinningfields is full of wanks

And that the Northern Quarter is basically a breeding ground for bearded hippies.

4. You keep up-to-date with the latest bants from LG

You're always guaranteed highbrow political commentary.

5. You know the bus routes like the back of your hand

And that the magic bus = life.

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6. Your mates slag you about your accent

"Is that a Manchurian twang I hear?"

"Ah fuck off, yer shit bag...As you were."

7. You know all the best places to eat

And have already tried everything on this list.

8. You know not to order 'extra spice' in restaurants around Piccadilly

God knows what you'd end up with...

9. It's March and you know where you'll be doing your Christmas shopping

And it's not Debenhams

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