7 Ways To Make Your Living Space Warmer And Cosier For Winter

Winter is coming...


The rain is falling faster, the evenings are getting darker and the air is growing colder. That can only mean one thing – winter is around the corner.

It's inevitable that you're going to be bloody freezing on more then one occasion in the coming months.

So here are some tips for making your space as cosy as possible for the chilly season.

It'll be soooo good you'll find it hard to leave.

1. Light a fire

Nothing makes a room feel warm and cosy like a good fire. Gather the firewood, pick up some kindling and dig out the firelighters and let your cold cave be transformed into a heavenly haven.


2. Buy some blankets

Generally associated with babies and little old ladies, blankets are SERIOUSLY underrated. There's no greater feeling than snuggling up under a soft, warm blanket on a cold winter's day. 


3. Build a fort

Hours of fun could be had as a child assembling a fort in your living room. But who says kids get to have all the fun? Use it as a space for a home cinema or simply take a nap in the comfort of your makeshift surroundings.


4. Light some candles

There is something that is just so fab about candles being lit around a room. Not only do they provide a cosy and peaceful vibe they also smell pretty damn good. It's a win-win situation.

And if you don't own a fire place then this could lend the same atmosphere, just not much actual heat. 


5. Put down a rug

If you're lucky enough to have a carpet then this one isn't really an issue but wood and tile floorings can be like walking on ice sometimes.

A soft, fluffy rug will bring texture and warmth to any living space and will make your feet feel all toasty and cosy too.


6. Hang up some fairy lights

Not only will this make your room look super pretty, it will also have you feeling incredibly cosy too. 

The most cost effective way to get your space warmed up for winter. Cheap AND cheerful!


7. Cushions, cushions and more cushions

You can never have too many cushions and they're a great way of adding texture and introducing colour into a room. Just don't blame us when you run out of places to sit when they start taking over your couch.


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Written By

Aoife McCormack