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15 Ways To Cool Down When It’s Ridiculously Hot And Humid

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Hey fellow sweat-friends, we meet again.

We think you’d agree that Manchester has been uncomfortably warm recently, so we’re trying to combat this with a few handy tips.

Try one of these out the next time you think you may pass out on Market Street and let us know if you have any other foolproof methods we can add in.

Happy cooling.

1. Cotton bedsheets

Rid your head of notions and get stuck into some lightweight cotton (Egyptian or otherwise) bedsheets. Your previously sweaty back will thank you.

And once you’ve treated yourself to those heavenly bedsheets…

2. … stick them in the freezer

Yet another brilliant reason to love the fridge.

Get them into it!

3. Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine

Hold your chorus of ‘boo-urns‘ for the minute – we’ve got a point.

While pints may be cold, they may not necessarily be the ideal way to cool down during these days of perspiration and physical duress. Both alcohol and caffeine act as diuretics, and promote dehydration, meaning, upon guzzling these, you’ll stay panting for longer.

Stick to cooler, sin-free bevvies like good ol’ H20, coconut water and the odd fizzy drink (if you must #sugarismurder) to stay hydrated.

4. Exercise outdoors

While this may seem like a fate worse than death, exercising outdoors helps your body get used to the temperature and humidity – and also gives you the cool breeze that jostling for machines in FlyeFit most certainly won’t.

Disclaimer: Stay away from Pure-gyms in general. It’s hot as hell in all of them.

5. Drink all of the water

All of it. BEFORE you get thirsty – that’s the trick. Keeping your body full of cold, delicious water keeps the sweats at bay. Just bear in mind where the nearest bathroom is at all times. For, you know, peace of mind.

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6. Turn off your appliances

Keep your electricity bill nice and low this month AND save yourself from sweating buckets with this easy tip. Electrical gadgets on = heat. You + heat = sweat. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Note: that includes Pikachu’s.

7. Eat high water content foods

Loads of fruit and vegetables – such as watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, cucumber and tomatoes – contain 90% or higher water content by weight. Chowing down on these in abundance will keep you hydrated, cool and super fresh.

They’re also super good for you, cheap as you like and will give you that clear skin and pert butt you’ve always been dreaming of. Hup water content!

8. Get out of the kitchen

Fix yourself meals that don’t require cooking – you’ll only overheat in the process. You wouldn’t want to faint, would you? Do yourself a favour and stick to salads, cold meats and sandwiches.

Or order out and try one of – you deserve it.

9. Make a cold water bottle

Makes sense doesn’t it? Hot water in winter, cold water in summer. Fill it with cold water and stick it in the freezer for a bit to make sure it gets extra chilly. Then stick it by your feet in bed – and enjoy the coolness.

Cold Water Bottle

10. Sort your fan out

Fans are not just for blowing hot air around, friends – point your fans out the windows so they push the hot air OUT.

You can also adjust your ceiling fan’s settings, so that the blades run counter-clockwise, pulling hot air up and out instead of just blowing it everywhere.

11. Sleep with a damp towel

While this may go against everything you’ve ever known – sleeping with a damp towel or sheet may be the answer to your sweltering prayers. We’d also recommend laying the damp sheets on top of a dry towel, as to avoid soaking the mattress.

12. Ice, ice baby

Stick a shallow bowl of ice in front of your fan and make yourself your very own icebox.

The breeze will pick up cold water from the ice’s surface as it melts, creating a cooling mist. Yaaaassss ice box, slay.

Ice Box

13. Hang out

Cool down a whole room by hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window. The breeze blowing in will quickly bring down the room’s temperature.

Bed Sheet

14. Invest in some cotton

A cotton scarf is about to become your new best friend. They’re so great for the heat, not only for sun protection, but also assisting with wiping a clammy face. Result.


15. And finally, coconut water

Hoof it into ya – the tipple is legendary for replacing electrolytes and rehydrating you until you’re as watery as can be. Never underestimate the power of this stuff, you’ll feel like you’re walking on air even when it’s the hottest place on Earth outside.

Trust us, we’re sweaty people too.

Coconut Water

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