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You Can Now Fly Away With Harry Potter Luggage and Bags

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Those who are fans of Hogwarts are in for a real treat. You can now fly away on your holidays with a slice of Wizard life. 

The Harry Potter range of luggage has now launched across Primark stores, and includes snazzy suitcases and hold-all bags to let you pack like a Potter ‘pro.

We’re sure that the bargain brands range of Harry Potter-themed cases will let you pack in your brooms and wizard wands too, if you like.

The suitcase they have launched is black, and comes with the famous Hogwarts badge printed on the front in white, as well as Harry’s name.

It looks pretty magical, and we’re sure fans will be over the moon with how whimsical they look. And the best bit is, they aren’t expensive. The suitcases come with an affordable price tag of £35.

They also come with all the essentials too – like a handy set of fully rotating wheels, meaning the case spins all the way around rather than just forward and back, as well as an adjustable handle.

If you’re not too struck on having a HP case, then perhaps the range of hold-all’s and backpacks are more your style.

Primark have also launched these super cool bags, where the backpacks come in red and black, and are priced between £10 and £12. 

The new hold-all bag comes in at £12, and could even be used for a school bag.

It looks like there’s no excuse not to get ‘carried’ away with all these HP themed luggage items. 

And for those who would rather go a little more ‘low-key’, you could always just adorn your current bag or suitcase with the themed Harry Potter pins, just £3 for a pack.

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