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This Is The Perfect Jumper To Wear With The Real Love Of Your Life

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With Valentines Day round the corner all you ever see or hear about is Bae this, Love that.

Your mates are either cuddling up to their SO or planning on getting on it and drowning their sorrows at the idea of being single for another year.

Well don’t you worry cause we have another solution!

Get snuggly with your one true love – your dog”

The creative minds over at Zulily have created a line of love inspired two headed sweaters that you can wear with your partner in crime this Valentines Day and your dog is the perfect fit.

These two headed wonders allow you to snuggle up to just about anyone in this cold time of year!

Our advice – your furry pal. After all a dog is a mans best friend.

Double Jumper

Released on Friday 25th, and only available until February 3rd, you are going to need to act fast to pick up one of these beauties.

Advertised as a “innovative, modern solution for loneliness” from their promotional video, your significant other (AKA DOG) will be thrilled with the purchase.

Double Headed Sweater For Your Dog Advertisement by Zulily

Head over to the Zulily website to pick up a sweater of your own for only £29.99.

Don’t be shy as this offer will not be here long and you will be “in the doghouse” without it!

Paul Boots

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