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Heated Hats Are Finally Here – And We Need One Right Now

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It’s been a pretty bleak week. And I’m putting that down to the weather.

Yes, it’s all too easy to have a good moan about the cold. But I don’t care – every part of me is FREEZING and I just want out.

I’ve been procrastinating all morning trying to find something to alleviate this the chill.

And I might have found the one.

Heated Hat

(Image: Savior/Amazon)

If you’re anything like me, your ears are the first (and last) place that you feel the cold.

So this heated hat will warm all the right spots.

It’s exactly what it says on the tin, basically, but if you’re looking for the specifics:

  • It is breathable and windproof for enhanced warmth and water resistant for moisture protection
  • It includes a set of 2 heat packs included provide controlled, targeted heat for up to 8 hours
  • Rechargeable Li-on battery heating

Found on Amazon here.

At £60 it is by no means cheap, but it turns out warmth comes at a price in this bitter and frosty world.

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