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This Beard Bouquet Is The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

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Normal beards are just plain boring. It’s just a tuft of hair on your face.


But thankfully it’s 2019 and having a plain old beard is not your only option anymore.

We saw you stuff your beard full of fairy lights and tinsel for Christmas – but now you can go one even better could you ever top that for Valentines?

Well, the creative geniuses at Firebox have the answer.

Beard Bouquets.

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The Beard Bouquet contains 9 beautiful little roses that clip perfectly into your face fuzz. And while they look alive, the little blossoms are not actually real.

Why give a bouquet of flowers to your S/O that are just going to wither and die, when you can give a gift that lasts a lifetime? (Or at least until you get bored of having flowers clipped to your beard).

And besides, who could resist a man with flowers in his beard? No one. That’s who.

The Beard Bouquet is available to pre-order exclusively at Firebox for only £10.99.

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