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Cheshire’s Huge Inflatable Waterpark With Slides And Trampolines Is Officially Open For Summer

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When Mancunians discover the big yellow ball in the sky is making a reappearance, what’s the first thing we do?

Duh…we head OUTSIDE.

Cheshire’s huge inflatable waterpark has officially opened for summer, just in time for the weeks and weeks and weeks of sunshine and warm temperatures we’re expecting across the north. (Can you sense my sarcasm?).

But hey, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining because, guess what? YOU’LL BE WET ANYWAY.

Image: Manley Mere’s Cheshire Aquapark

Manley Mere’s Cheshire Aquapark opened in May, and features huge trampolines, the “cyclone”, inflatable climbing walls, slides, and loadssss more. The Aquapark is back for a third year and promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Image: Manley Mere’s Cheshire Aquapark

A spokesperson for the Cheshire Aquapark said: “Come along and join us for an aquatic adventure like no other – it’s a great way to to have some action packed fun with friends and family flying into the air from the blast bag or getting rinsed in the cyclone whatever the weather.”

Image: Manley Mere’s Cheshire Aquapark

You’ll be booked in for a 50 minutes session and Cheshire Aquapark provides all the gear you’ll need while you’re there. (You’re welcome to bring your own wetsuits if you feel more comfortable.)

Tickets usually cost £20 and you can find some here.

Feature Credit: Manley Mere’s Cheshire Aquapark

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