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Today Is The Day You Need To Visit This Escape Room In Manchester

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Escape rooms have become a big part of the activity scene in Manchester.

They’re a great way to bond (/argue) with friends and, since they usually last an hour or so max, it’s easy to crack one out in the evening mid week or even over a lunch break.

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned escape room pro, or you’re still yet to take one on, today is absolutely the day you need to get yourself over to one. As per the title.

This is because Breakout Manchester, who have a site in the Northern Quarter opposite the Arndale and another in Spinningfields close to the John Rylands library, are donating ALL of their proceeds today to charity.

The nominated charities include:

Manchester Pride

Early Break

The Christie Charitable Fund

Parkinsons UK

Joining Jack

Bolton Hospice

Book your room now and make a difference today.

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