Manchester's Human Body Dissection Show Is Landing This Month

Here's everything you need to know


January is here, and things are about to get dead weird.

Dubbed as the 'world's only live and interactive anatomical dinner and dissection experience', Anatomy Lab Live gives guests a chance to wine and dine, dance, and literally dissect a human corpse.

The Surgery 2019 is a dinner and show experience touring the UK across 2019, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy a two course evening meal, and afterwards, the drapes go up and the tools come out - you'll be performing your own autopsy.


Event organisers are aiming it to be “the ultimate 21st century date”. But personally I’m thinking it has more Jack The Ripper feel to it.


IMPORTANT CORPSE INFORMATION: the corpse is made out of VIVIT - a specially constructed synthetic human cadaver that houses real organs.

So no, not an actually dead body. Which is probably for the best.

Upon arrival you’ll be given operating gowns and face masks to get you in the mood, before sitting down to enjoy your two course meal.

Following dinner, human anatomist Samuel Piri and a team of clinical pathophysiologists will reveal your fully functional operating table - and you'll get stuck in.


Guests will learn about...

  • The head and brain
  • The spinal cord
  • The lungs
  • The heart
  • The digestive tract

As well as receiving...

  • A two course meal
  • 1 protective mask
  • 1 protective hat
  • 1 protective apron
  • Disposable gloves
  • Scalpels and dissection scissors
  • Access to the anatomical samples

The event hopes to teach guests everything you need to know about the human body, whether you're a complete beginner wanting to know more, a student, or a medical professional.

Samuel Piri said "The human body is a fascinating machine, it’s something each and every one of us share in common, the one thing that unites us is the driving force of modern science to cure disease and treat illness."

The last few tickets are remaining for 26th January, 27th January, and 14th February. Find out more details and secure tickets on the Anatomy Lab website here.

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