Our Favourite Manchester Dog Cafe Are Putting On A Halloween Party This Weekend

And we're barking mad for it


The Mog And Dog Squad opened in Denton last month, and it’s been a firm favourite for dogs, their owners, and even non-owning dog lovers ever since.

I wonder why...

The place is literally a doggie haven; with treats, events, pup-cakes, products and dog BFFs for our canine friends to embrace.

And- of course - all the coffees, teas (etc) that you’d associate with the average cafe for us humans.

With Halloween around the corner, the Squad are putting on a themed party on Sunday. And we’re all invited.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A fancy dress competition
  • Trick or treat
  • Apple bobbing
  • Halloween themed decor
  • Props to help create the perfect halloween snaps

Do note that the activities are all geared towards dogs. But we are sure that human fancy dress is also encouraged!

Take a look at the event on their Facebook page and get involved

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Nick Cox

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