Jerry Springer - The Opera Is Coming To Manchester

The raunchy musical is returning to stage after a 15 years

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A brand new production of Jerry Springer - The Opera is coming to Manchester in August of this year. The controversial musical is based on The Jerry Springer Show and follows the talk show host who suffers the worst day in his career.

Just like the popular TV show - nothing is off limits. Expect everything from tap-dancing KKK members, to the ultimate showdown between God and the Devil.

Jerry Springer - The Opera caused a storm when it came to the UK stage in 2002. The new production still promises the same raucous energy but with a revamped and fresh production fit for 2019 audiences.

During its original run, the musical made theatre history by receiving an unprecedented four awards for Best Musical at The Olivier Awards, The Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards, The Evening Standard Theatre Awards, and The What’s On Stage Awards.

The production is being brought back to the stage by new production company, Northern Ricochet, which is formed by James Baker (Parade), Tom Chester (Mamma Mia) and Bill Elms (Epstein The Man Who Made The Beatles).

Northern Ricochet was recently formed by the trio who met when working together on the hit musical Parade at Hope Mill Theatre in Ancoats. They wanted to create a company that celebrated the talent we have here in the north - producing quality theatre in the north, for the north and using creatives and actors from the north.

Bill Elms Tom Chester And James Baker For Northern Ricochet Landscape

(Image: Bill Elms, Tom Chester and James Baker)

Director James Baker commented: When Jerry Springer - The Opera first hit stages in the UK, it created a mass protest. It was unapologetic, uncompromising, fresh and original – and fused a highbrow form with a lowbrow subject matter...Jerry was ground-breaking and placed a mirror up to the audience. A mirror of reflection and a possibility for us to learn something. The big question is, have we learned anything? Sadly not, and I’d argue we’re even more divided than before”.

The popular musical will be on stage at Hope Mill Theatre in Ancoats for a four week run from Thursday 8 to Saturday 31 August.

Ticket prices start from £20.00 and you can grab yours now here.

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