A Magnificent Harry Potter Banquet Is Coming To Manchester

A spectacular meal featuring potion drinks and food from the book


We grew up falling in love with the books and films, and now it looks like we've got the rare chance to experience the magic of Harry Potter for ourselves.

An Immersive Harry Potter brunch and dinner is coming to MANCHESTER.

Get ready to dine in one of our city's most amazing venues (it's top secret hush-hush for now - but details will be revealed via the official website very soon) and be transported into your very own Great Hall where a magical three-hour immersive dining experience will have you feeling like a character out of the book.

You'll have the opportunity to try your hand at potions, spell-casting, and have your future read by the fortune tellers.

What's the dress code?

Robes of course, ya muggle. And the visible kind if you please so they know where to serve your pudding...

Guests will be expected to put on their finest robes and gowns as they enter the magical wizarding world old as time itself.

Tickets for the event are extremely limited and expected to sell out in record time so best be quick if you're keen!

More information and sign-up details can be found at www.thewizardsbrunch.com.

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