The UK's First Chicken Nugget Festival Is Coming To Manchester Next Weekend

Here's how to get your hands on tickets

Manchester Nugget Festival

It's official - the UK is getting its first ever chicken nugget festival - a whole festival dedicated wholly to those juicy battered golden chunks sent from heaven.

The festival will be hosted by We Love Food - a UK-based food blog set up by a community of dedicated food lovers and this event - quite frankly - is set to be the best foodie event of the goddam year.

When's it happening?

The Chicken Nugget Festival will take place this August in London - soon to follow in Manhcester on Saturday September 22, and even more dates are to be announced very soon.

The event will feature...

- Live DJ and band

- A nugget-eating competition

(Whereby a nugget King and Queen will be crowned)

- The biggest variety of nuggets in Manchester!

Plus lots and lots and lots of chicken nuggets...

Screenshot 20180208 145524
Screenshot 20180208 145551

How do I get in on it?

The first wave of tickets are to be released shortly but you can pre-register here and keep a close eye on the official Facebook event page here too.

See you there, nugget fans!!

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