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This Harry Potter And Grimm-Inspired Escape Room Is Perfect For A Halloween Day Out

Have you got what it takes?

You find yourselves in the Wizarding section of a library, reading through dusty books and reciting spells.

You come upon a mysterious book you've never seen before. You brush the dust off the leather-bound cover and thumb through the pages...

Image: Lovin Manchester

Suddenly, you're in an enchanted forest. You and your team walk through a misty-treed landscape before you end up inside a Gingerbread house.

This is where the game begins...

In groups of 2-5 people, you find yourself locked in a cage with only one way out. A room full of clues lies ahead, with only a couple of props hidden around you to begin your enchanted journey.

Image: Lovin Manchester

For fans of Harry Potter and Grimm Fairytales.

The Enchanted escape room at Breakout Manchester is satisfyingly challenging with a topical and spellbinding theme, and thought-provoking riddles.

Along with your team, you'll have approximately 60 minutes to escape the locked room by finding clues and solving puzzles, with only one way out, down a secret passageway.

All the while, there are mysterious sound effects and a creepy witches cackle, giving you and your group hints along the way.

Image: Lovin Manchester

We searched the room high and low, which is beautifully decorated, uncovering clues that would lead us to our next puzzle and our ultimate goal: to escape.

It's all in the details...

You'll need to work together to figure things out; it can get challenging at times, but with the help of the cackling witch, it's certainly a possibility that your team will make it out before the gong strikes.

And I'm not exaggerating when I say we made it out with only seconds to spare... seven, for that matter.

Image: Lovin Manchester

Hidden in the depths of Breakout's Northern Quarter location, you'll be escorted to a door, covered in overgrown foliage and bathed in a ghoulish glow.

A house made of gingerbread and sweets? Yes please! The question is should you enter or steal yourself away before the witch returns to feast on her next meal? (aka, you.)

If you're a fan of Potter or Grimm fairytales, you'll love Breakout's newest escape room. Although word of warning, it's not for the faint-hearted...

You can book the Enchanted Breakout room and find out more information on the official website here.

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