There's A Lovely Meaning Behind Wayne And Coleen Rooney's Strange Baby Name

We have a feeling this will be used by many more people in years to come.

Wayne Rooney

Former Manchester United player Wayne Rooney announced the birth of his and his wife Colleen's fourth baby in February, and they decided to break their tradition of names beginning with K - Kai, Klay and Kit.

Their fourth child will be called Cass Mac Rooney and while many believe that it could be short for Cassius, there is actually a lovely meaning behind the name.

According to She Knows baby names, although Cass means 'wealthy man' in English and 'vein' in Latin, in Irish, it means 'curly-headed'.

So in a rough translation, Cass Mac Rooney means curly-headed son of the Rooneys.

It's kind of a sweet name when you think about it, but if he doesn't live up to his curly-headed expectations, we'll be kind of disappointed.

Know anyone who should have been called Cass? Let them know in the comments.

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