The Magic Behind That ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Bath Scene Has Been Revealed

Not everything was as it seemed

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Technology has come leaps and bounds in the past few generations. It is not unusual to see CGI in films that looks so realistic you forget you are watching computer generated images.

Which is why it was so exciting to learn that even though the producers of Mary Poppins Returns could have gone down the CGI route to bring the magical world to life, for the most part, they chose not to.

In the short film titled, 'Making The Impossible', the producers reveal the cheeky camera trick that was used to create one of the most iconic shots of the film - Mary Poppins 'fall' into the enchanted underwater world beneath the bath tub.

In the scene, Mary Poppins played by Emily Blunt, falls back through the portal of the bathtub into an enchanted underwater land. Rather than using CGI to achieve this effect, the production team built a slide that disappeared under the sound stage.

As Emily Blunt explains “As much as possible they built practical sets that you can interact with.

"They actually carved a hole in the bottom of the bath and had a slide that went under the stage.

"But it was a drop. It was fast and steep and then they filled this bath with bubbles and you just dropped the kids did theirs 20 times; I think I did it twice."

Of course the rest of the magical bathtub scene was brought to life with the help of computer technology, this particular element being revealed as ‘real’ has left fans feeling very excited.

The film, which is currently receiving rave reviews, is in cinemas now.

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