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Rupert Grint And Angus, Thong’s And Perfect Snogging’s Georgia Groome Are Dating

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In this weeks most shocking news, it has been brought to our attention that Ron Weasley (otherwise known as Rupert Grint) is dating the girl in the olive costume (also called Georgia Groome).

The most shocking part of all – they are said to have been going out for the better part of 7 years and we are only just learning of it now!

This mind blowing information was brought to our attention in a now-viral tweet from user @lydia_wood_:

The tweet came after the Daily Mail reported that Rupert and Georgia had an on-off relationship since 2011, however, neither have ever confirmed their relationship status.

But if you do a quick google image search of the two you will find they have been papped out and about multiple times holding hands – so why did it take us this long to catch on!

Fans on Twitter are understandably shocked that this vital info was not brought to our attention earlier:

It remains to be seen if this heightened interest in their relationship will lead to any official confirmation from the pair.

I for one am hoping sad olive girl and the boy with hand me down robes will live together happily ever after.

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