Rio Ferdinand's Bizarre Pre-Match Rituals Revealed Ahead Of Tonight's England Match

It involved bananas, fiddling with his shorts and jumping over white lines.

Rio F

"I was so superstitious because I was so scared of not winning", says Rio Ferdinand when asked if he had any pre-match rituals.

Rio describes his match day routine from the mundane to the bizarre, beginning with waking up at quarter to eight and eating a breakfast of porridge with currents, followed by jam on toast, an omelette, a yoghurt and a banana.

He says he'd then go back to bed and sleep, before waking up again at quarter to 12 and watch a pre-match video of the opposing team.

The former Man United star talks to Oxford Union about his pre-match routine (Image: Oxford Union/Youtube)

After watching his opponents on the pitch, he'd go for the pre-match lunch, eating pasta with chicken breast and broccoli, yoghurt with honey and another banana.

That all seems pretty normal so far, right? Nothing too out of the ordinary.

Rio continues: "I'd get to the game and I'd go and have my left ankle strapped. Didn't need it strapping, but I had to."

Then he'd have to play a game of two touch with Paul Scholes before every game, despite there not being enough space in the changing room.

If he wasn't Captain, where he would normally walk onto the pitch first, he'd always have to go out third. Not second, fourth, six, but third.

"No-one could have that position," he says. "That wasn't happening."

He'd then have to dump a bottle of water on his head before he reached the white line, and then he'd make sure he always jumped over the line, every match, no matter what.

Rio laughs, before saying he'd then have to run to the opposite corner of the pitch, where their goal was, fiddle with his shorts...

Spin around a few times...

And then he was finally in match mode.

"You couldn't talk to me," he adds. "It's unbelievable."

You do you, Rio.

You can watch the full interview here

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