Post-Apocalypse Manchester Looks Pretty Scary - And SO Real - In These Amazing Images

It’s the end of the world as we know it


These are pictures of places well known to all Mancunians - but if you look closely, you’ll see there’s something very seriously wrong

They are an artist’s impression of the end of the world as it hits the North West. And none of Manchester - or Salford’s -  greatest sights are getting off lightly.

From the smouldering ruins of the Printworks to the heartbreaking charred facade of the Palace Theatre, we’re lucky they’re just works of art - albeit very realistic ones.

Palace Theatre Web Copy 2
Oxford Road Web Copy 2
Trof Web Copy

Created by Manchester-based artist James Chadderton, they are part of a series which also includes London landmarks, and capture the darkness and decay which would come after any destructive force hit the likes of Media City or Deansgate.

The artist created the images with mixed media - a mix of traditional and composite drawing.

Urbis Web Copy 648X1024
Townhall Web Copy

Prices for all of the artworks are available on James' website, but we love the iconic Haçienda on an extra large canvas.

The inspiration came from future dystopias like those featured in 1980s chilling nuclear drama Threads and games like Wasteland.

But with the world turned upside down in 2016, they might look a bit too real for some of us.

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