People Who Study This Subject At University Are Most Likely To Become Billionaires

Is this you?


Ever wondered why some people have struck gold in the finance department while you're still on the beans on toast come Saturday night?

According to new research, it could be because of the subject you studied at university! British recruitment specialists Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment analysed the Forbes' rich list to check out who studied what, where and how rich they became in later life. And the results are overwhelming.

On closer inspection, a whopping 75% studied engineering. Christ.

Others began working life as stock traders, in non-family owned businesses and as sole traders.

Without further ado...

Here are the top five degrees amongst the world's billionaires:

1. Engineering

2. Business

3. Finance & Economics

4. Law

5. Computer Science

And the five most common first jobs:

1. Salesperson

2. Stock trader

3. Software developer

4. Engineer

5. Analyst

Sozzle English Lit grads, best get bulk buying the tinned soup ;)

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