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‘Mindful Drinking’ Is The Latest Health Trend That Everyone’s Trying

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All the boozy brunches, cocktails with the gang and sips of red wine by the fire over Christmas can really add up, meaning that you’re probs drinking more often than not. 

With Dry January in full swing – where people give up alcohol for the full month – more and more people are starting to question their relationship with alcohol in a way that hasn’t been done before. 

‘Mindful Drinking’ is encouraged by Club Soda, a UK based group who “want to create a world where nobody has to feel out of place if they are not drinking alcohol”.

recent international survey of more than 72,000 people found that almost 33% wanted to reduce their booze intake for reasons including embarrassment. 

Mindful drinking is when you drink what you want rather then what you think is socially acceptable

Rather than downing shots just because all your mates are doing it or automatically ordering a vodka and coke when really, you might feel like a light beer, is all part of being a mindful drinker, as well as practicing going on nights out without feeling the need to drink alcohol. 

Changing your perception and emotions toward alcohol is important too. Had a great day and want some bubbly to celebrate? That’s fine, but thinking that a beer at the end of a shit day will “fix everything” is different. 

Club Sods run mindful drinking courses online that include four weeks of stimulating and practical emails that will help you understand your drinking and how you can go about changing your relationship with alcohol, followed by another four weeks of practice and email revision along with prompts to consolidate your hard work.

Not only is it good for the mind, it’s also beneficial to give your liver a break for a bit. 

Something to consider for 2018. 

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