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Liam Gallagher Claims Noel Has Threatened To Sue Him If He Uses Any Oasis Footage In His Upcoming Documentary

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Liam Gallagher had been working on a documentary that follows his trouble period after Oasis split, called ‘As It Was’.

He has now, today, accused his older brother and fellow Oasis bandmate, Noel Gallagher of threatening to sue him should any Oasis footage be used in the documentary.

‘As It Was’ captures Liam during the tumultuous years post-Oasis with his band Beady Eye and his solo music. The documentary promised to be a brutally honest look at Liam’s life as he went from being the frontman of the one biggest bands in a generation to being alone and dealing with his own personal demons while battling bitter family legal feuds.

Liam claims his brother Noel, who wrote most of the songs for Oasis, and his management team Ignition, has threatened legal action should and songs or footage of the band be used…which no doubt makes making a documentary about his split from Oasis awfully difficult.

This means there can be no footage of Liam in his formative years with the legendary Manchester band.

Liam also later clarified that this threat includes the footage him performing ‘Live Forever’ at the ‘One Love Manchester’ benefit show – having a dig at his brother non attendance while at it.

This is just one of many times the brothers have had a public feud. Most recently was due to the ‘One Love Manchester’ concert in question when Liam called Noel a “sad f*ck” for not attending. Noel did, however, perform at the ‘We Are Manchester’ concert and donate all the royalties from ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ to victims and their families.

Liam slammed this as a ‘PR stunt’ and Noel replied saying his brother ‘needed psychiatric help’.

It seems there is no repairing this troubled relationship.

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This latest drama comes just days after Liam praised the final cut of As It Was…it might need some re-editing now though.

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