A New Season Of Gossip Girl Is On The Cards And We Are Buzzing For It

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Rumour has it that Gossip Girl is going to return to our screens – and no I am not talking about the classic episodes on Netflix.

Mark Pedowitz, a channel executive of the franchise told reporters on Thursday that there had been talks about rebooting Gossip Girl for another series.

Ultimately, it will not happen without the screenwriters Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. These guys made Gossip Girl the success it was.

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Back in 2007 Serena and Blair walked into our lives and gave us seven whole series of relationships, bitching and gossip (obvs).

Could that ever be topped?

We last saw Chuck and Blair finally be together and happy with one cute son.

And Serena and Dan Humphreys ended their on-off love affair with a wedding.

We could all rest happy.

But is it time for there to be a return to the upper east side?

In a world full of influencers, Serena and Blair would really fit.

Schwartz back in 2016 told E! News of a Gossip Girl reboot: "The world has become Gossip Girl now. ... Now literally everyone is Gossip Girl"

Let’s hope this gossip is true.


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