Apparently This Is The One Thing That Brits Complain About The Most


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We're a nation of moaners, it seems, with the total of British and Irish complaints reaching a whopping 10,000 a year!

A survery of 1000 adults by, a home heating oil supplier, has revealed that on average Brits and the Irish complain as many as 28 times every day – an average of 10,220 times over the course of a year.

So what exactly are we complaining about?..

  • Traffic tops Britain's list of most common complaints
  • The weather and being too cold are named as other top grumbles

The new study details just how much we Brits love to complain, identifying daily struggles with traffic and the weather as top causes of complaints.

The number one thing Brits love to complain about has been revealed as traffic, with 61% of people admitting to regularly moaning about jams and congestion. More than a third of those surveyed (34%) confess to whingeing about traffic as many as three times a day.

Weather came in second (no surprises there) and being too hot or cold was named as the third biggest gripe (49%). Money troubles was also cited as being one of the most complained about topics with 47% of people saying they regularly complain about not being able to afford something.

Always being ill completed the top five list, with 43% of participants naming this as a top gripe.

Mark Hackett, Project Manager at says:

“It’s quite shocking to see how guilty we are of complaining – it really stacks up when you think about how many times we do this per day.

“This time of year can be particularly gruelling. If the cold weather and endless stream of illnesses being passed around the office weren’t enough to put you in a bad mood, the sheer volume of traffic on the roads is certainly worthy of a whinge."

Our advice? Have a hot bevvy and crank up the heating!

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