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You’ve Heard Of Brunch – Now A Manchester Restaurant Is Serving… Drunch

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We’ve all heard of brunch, but what about drunch?

Manchester’s Cloud 23 is offering just that – a halfway meal between dinner and snack, Drunch is the perfect way to wind down on a Friday evening.

Drunch Club at Cloud 23 runs every night between 4pm and 8pm, offering a selection of tasty flatbreads, salads or tacos with a topping, as well as offering non-stop punch or bubbles for 90 minutes.

Image: Cloud 23

Plus there are plenty of delicious toppings to choose from, including chorizo and manchego, tandoori, goats cheese and coriander.

Perfect for if you’re planning a night out and you want to have pre-food and drinks to start the evening off right.

To find out more information about Cloud 23’s Drunch Club or to view the menu, visit their website.

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