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This Manchester Bar Throws Birthday Parties For Dogs With Pup-Friendly Cake And Beer

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Brewdog, as the name suggests, is extremely dedicated to dogs.

So much so that they throw birthday ‘pawties’ for man’s best friend.

Based on Peter Street, Brewdog says us humans owe a debt to our “furiends”. “They keep us going, cheer us on and are there when we need them,” a Brewdog spokesperson said.

Image: BrewDog

If you want to celebrate the birth of your four-legged friend, but have no idea how, BrewDog has the answer. The bar offers £5 packages for you to host your pup’s birthday pawty, which includes party hats (for humans as well) and dog-friendly beer.

Image: BrewDog

They also serve a range of canine-friendly doggy beer (and of course, a huge selection of craft beer for us humans).

Treating your best friend on his or her birthday could not be easier. If you’re interested in throwing a “pawty” at Brewdog, simply fill out the booking form on the websitePaw-fect.

There’s nobody who deserves a special birthday party like your doggo. I only wish there was a cat version. Not that me or my cat ever leave the house.

You can find out more information on BrewDog’s pawties on their website.

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