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These Body Hot Water Bottles Make The Perfect Winter Partner Now It’s Cold AF

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It’s nippy out there guys and gals.

If your flat is as shoddy at keeping the cold out as mine, you’ll understand the struggle.

These flats were not built for the baltic conditions we get around this time of year.

Rubbish heaters, no insulation.
I could bang on about it all day, but instead I’m finding genius creations that will bring back the warmth that we all need in our lives.

I know, I know – a modern day Mother Teresa.

Body Hot

(Image: Argos)

These body hot water bottles are long, snug, and super warm.

They’re versatile, too. Look how much this lady is enjoying wrapping it around her waist.

Body Hot1

If you’re in need of a winter snuggle partner, or your current one just isn’t cutting it – these gems are an absolute must.

They stay warm for over SIX HOURS when filled with less than a full kettle of hot water.

You can get them from Argos for £24.99, right here.

Stay warm, pals.

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