People From Manchester Are 'Sneating' As Part Of This Disgusting Dating Trend

This is absolutely vile


Heard of 'sneating'?

If not, we hate to be the bearers of bad news but this is one dating trend to join the modern vernacular that we're totally not on board with.

Possibly the lowest of the low in terms of how far you'd snoop to get what you want, people 'sneating' basically agree to go on a date with someone, not because of a mutual attraction or the desire to build something magical together, oh no.

'Sneaters' just want to get a free meal from their date.

It all came to light when a girl named Sarah told The New York Post that she had become a serial sneater and that she felt no pity towards her Tinder dates.

"Dan and I had been talking for a couple of weeks when he suggested we head out to a tapas bar in the city. He seemed great and I was keen, so I checked my bank account and headed out, determined to share a couple of plates and maybe have one glass of wine.

"When I got there, Dan looked about 10 years older than his pictures. And he was shorter than he said he was – and shorter than me.

"He was a nice enough guy but that kind of false advertising bums me out, so I ended up having five glasses of rosè and heaps of food. I even ordered dessert. When the bill came, Dan insisted on paying, and for the first time, I thought 'fuck it, let him'.

"I didn’t even feel the tiniest bit of guilt about letting Dan pay when I had no intention of seeing him again. He had a good job, he could afford it, and we had had a great chat and a few laughs."

It's one way to eat for free a good few times a week, but it's not for us.

Would you consider sneating? And how would you feel if you realised you'd been 'sneated' on?

Let us know in the comments.

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