New "Sex Robots" Could Take Over Britain As Men Opt For Virtual Girlfriends

How romantic

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A new phenomenon has entered the stratosphere, and it could be bad news for those looking for love...

New research claims that "robotic sex dolls" may well cause a dip in birth rates, as lonely members of the public (predominantly men) give up the traditional ideal of a flesh and blood partner in favour of someone (or should we say something, a little...less conventional.)

The sex doll craze is already taking off in Japan, with the Asian country's population depleting "dramatically" as fewer babies are being born - something fuelled by the introduction of sex dolls - and Japanese people, like the humble giraffe, may face becoming an "endangered species" The Mirror reports.

Sounds insane, right?

But senior lecturer in social and cultural artificial intelligence at King's College London Kate Devlin suggests that sex dolls could seriously fuel the problem. Speaking to the Daily Star, she says:

“There are fears that in countries where loneliness is a big social problem, robots could make things worse.

“For the men who are interested in buying female versions of sex robots , they are often looking for the companionship aspect too.”

Let's hope they don't become as popular a trend closer to home.

Hold tight to your nearest and dearest!

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