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Apparently This Is The One Biggest Faux Pas You Can Make On A Date

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Valentine’s Day has been and gone, but now the stats are in it looks like us Brits are about as un-romantic as they come, with 50% of men saying they did not organise anything for their other half, and 36% of woman saying that they prefer not to celebrate Valentine’s Day AT ALL anyway.

Say whaaaaaat?!!

Yup, a whopping half of the nation said they actively avoided doing anything on the day itself.

Instead of traditional wining and dining, Brits are now looking to ‘escape’ from their dates, with over 30% of couples looking to add more fun and excitement to their love lives.

Brits are becoming more adventurous when it comes to dating, with one in ten saying they would prefer to go on an activity-based date with cinema (14%), ice-skating (6%) and escape a room (5%) coming in as some of the top choices.

Here are the top 10 options for date night this 2019…

1. Dinner (32%)

2. Drinks (16%)

3. Takeaway (15%)

4. Cinema (14%)

5. Ice Skating (6%)

6. Escape a Room (5%)

7. Paintballing (4%)

8. Mini Golf (4%)

9. Bingo (3%)

10. Laser Tag (3%)

And for those trying to impress?..

Apparently the biggest faux pas when on a date are bringing up your ex (34%), inviting other people along (27%) and not talking enough (18%).


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