The Debate Is Over - Die Hard IS The Best Christmas Movie And We Have The Trailer To Prove It

Fight me on this one, I dare ya!

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Every year, without fail, there is one debate that continues to rage on - is Die Hard a Christmas movie or just a movie set over Christmas.

Now I am a firm #teamchristmasmovie believer, but I know many people who refuse to admit that this movie about a cop (Bruce Willis) reconnecting with his estranged family while taking out a bunch of terrorists in the process is actually the best Christmas movie of all time.

The debate has even reached Mr Willis himself, who weighed in saying that it was NOT a festive film; “It’s a f*cking Bruce Willis movie”.

And, I never thought I’d say this, but Bruce Willis - You Are Wrong.

20th Century Fox, the studio that released Die Hard in 1988, has remade the trailer for the film, recasting it as The Greatest Christmas Story. Check it out below:

The new trailer, which includes upbeat Christmassy music and a tongue-in-cheek cheesy voice-over, restyles Die Hard as a family friendly man-against-all-odds Christmas flick.

So, is Die Hard the ultimate Christmas movie? Yippie Ki Yes!

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