The 10 Stages of Christmas Day

Every year is different, but some things never change

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Whether you’re heading home this Christmas or spending it surrounded by friends, there are somethings that a bound to happen every Christmas Day.

The Anticipation

Hey, we may not be kids anymore, but that doesn’t mean that Christmas Morning doesn’t bring about that same air of excitement and anticipation each year. Even after the big night celebrating with mates the night before, you can’t help but eagerly jump out of bed early on Christmas morning, ready for the day ahead.

Mimosas and more Mimosas

Ever since you hit legal drinking age, alcohol for breakfast on Christmas morning has become a tradition. Maybe it’s a mimosa or a cheeky eggnog. Whatever floats your boat - a cheeky bev is a must.

Eating Chocolate For Breakfast.

No doubt you’ve spent the lead up to Christmas getting boxes and boxes of chocolates and sweets from co-workers, secret Santas and the cousins that won’t be there on Christmas morning. Well, it just turns out that those chocolate boxes make for the perfect Christmas morning breakfast.

Present Time

When we were kids this was the undoubtedly the best part of Christmas Day. Now, this part tends to run a little shorter. However, it’s still just as fun. While my younger self would’ve been thoroughly underwhelmed by new socks and undies, 23-year-old me cannot contain my excitement at the prospect of these practical necessities.

The Lull In The Day

Every Christmas Day has a lull. The hours between opening presents and Christmas dinner being ready can be utterly boring. Usually, you’ll use this time to wish your Facebook friends a Merry Christmas while scrolling through Instagram to see the rich kid from University showing off her new Mini Convertible, making the hoover your mum gifted you look a little less impressive.


It’s the point in the day every adult child has been waiting for. The dinner to end all dinners - Christmas Dinner. The table is packed with more food than anyone could imagine, let alone eat, but it doesn’t matter, you will be going back for seconds and thirds because calories don’t count on Christmas Day. Without fail, every year, you will eat yourself into oblivion.

Meat sweats. Check.

Jean button un done. Check.

Belly full of wine. Check.

You’ve done Christmas Dinner right my friend.

Instant Regret

Okay now that you’ve stuffed yourself silly full of all the Turkey and roast potatoes imaginable to man, it’s time for the yearly feeling of being so full you can’t move, think, function. So what do you do? Nap of course!

Family Bonding

Once you’ve fully recovered from gorging yourself, it’s time to crack open the new board game your family got for Christmas. Expect plenty of confusion as you try to learn the rules with a bunch of food delirious/wine drunk relatives. Ahhh what a time.

Time for Christmas leftovers

Only a few hours ago you were incapacitated due to the amount you ate...however, that feeling has now passed and you're definitely ready for some leftover roast potatoes and’d be rude not to.

Bed time at 8pm

It’s 8pm and even though that seems quite early compared to your usual 2am night outs, you are absolutely spent. All the food and wine has caught up to you and you crash. But at least you’ll be spending the night in your childhood bed with your old teddy bear for company.

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