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Pink Tea Advent Calendars Are Now A Thing For Those Of Us Who Love A Nice Brew

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As we ease ourselves into October, many of us might be starting to think about Halloween: what are we doing, what are we wearing, etc.

Then there’s the Christmas elite. The early birds.

You and I.

We know what our priorities are, and we’ve got our haters. People that don’t understand the hype.

But we stand strong.

And we get rewarded.

This year, our reward comes in the shape of a tea-themed advent calendar.

Not just any tea-themed advent calendar. A PINK tea-themed advent calendar.

Pink Tea Calendar

It’s not your standard earl greys behind these doors. They are gourmet, Christmas teas that are going to fire you up for festive antics throughout December.

And did we mention – it’s pink?

At just £8.50 a pop it’s the definition of a bargain.

Check it out and tell your friends.

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