McDonald’s Have Launched Chicken Nugget Christmas Decorations

I’m lovin’ it

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Everyone knows at least one person who is absolutely OBSESSED with Chicken nuggets. Someone who goes on a night out for the pure fact there will be a family size box of nugs at the end of it.

Well, McDonalds have heard the call and released their own Chicken Nuggets Christmas decorations including a chicken nugget bauble and chicken nugget fairy lights.

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The combination of two of our favourite things - being Christmas and Nuggets, is a genius move from the fast food giant, with these bad boys expected to be in high demand.

And why wouldn’t they? They baubles especially are the perfect addition to any tree this Christmas, even for those of us who consider ourselves part-time nuggeters.

There is something so quirky and eye-catching about the design, which was created Bombki1 - the same designer who makes baubles for the fancy retailer, Fortnum & Mason.

The fairy lights are a little less cool, with each nugget emblazoned with the iconic golden arches, making it look too much like a sponsored promotion for my liking.

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Unfortunately, the Nugget decorations are not for sale but are instead part of a competition to promote McDonald’s ‘Reindeer Campaign’ (Which you can enter here). However, I am sure these products will be popping up on eBay in no time for all us non-comp winners to purchase.

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