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Here’s How To Track Father Christmas Tonight

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Have a very 21st century Christmas Eve and track Santa Claus as he sails through the skies tonight.

You can track Santa through the night, it will keep the little ones entertained and add some excitement for the older kids as well.

Norad Santa Tracker

Norad (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is an actual joint American and Canadian venture that on the 24th turns their eyes to sky to track Santa. It’s the oldest Santa tracker in the world and children can ring up to see where Santa is or they can download an app to track his movements.

Google Tracker

Although not as old as the Norad tracker Google’s Santa Tracker is just as interactive. Santa is currently live on their tracker which you can see right here. Using their google maps technology and data they’ve created the fun interactive map and a bunch of great games to go along with it.

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