Aldi's '12 Days Of Gin' Advent Calendar Comes With Tonic And We're In Love

Aldi’s advent calendar features 12 gins, each with a matching tonic - and we’ll be able to get it very soon.


Aldi are at it again, and giving us exactly what we all need this Christmas.

I may be talking too soon but I think this is the advent calendar that beats them all.


(Image: Aldi)

Yep - this ‘12 Days Of Gin” calendar is exactly what it says on the tin.

12 carefully selected gins; ranging from your standard Gordons Dry to the more extravagant Oriental Spiced Gin by Opihr.

1 for each of the 12 days of Christmas. A sure way of getting a consistent fix of gin when you need it most.

But they haven’t stopped there.

Because gin is useless without a good mixer - they’ve even gone and sorted us out with a matching tonic that pairs with each spirit.

Cheers to that.

It will set you back £35, which is a LOT less than any other gin-based calendars out there.

If you’re proper buzzing about these, you can pre-order them from Friday 9th November here.

Otherwise the official launch date is Wednesday 14th November.

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