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You Can Now Get A Monthly Subscription Of Bath Bombs Delivered To Your Door

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After a long, hard day at work, there’s nothing better than a hot bath.

And there’s no better way to upgrade your bath down-time than with a selection of delicious bath bombs.


First spotted by Pretty52, you can now get a monthly subscription of stunning bath bombs delivered directly to your door from Bathbox.

For £9.99 (plus shipping) a month, you’ll receive 5 luxurious beauty bath items, including Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, Soaps and more.

The website reads: “Bathbox is your monthly subscription of all things needed for the perfect bath. 

“Each month you’ll receive a selection of hand picked Bath Bombs, Soaps, Salts and more. Last Months March Bathbox was our island get away theme.”

Sounds delightful.

Your monthly Bath Box (Image: Bathbox)

If you don’t fancy committing yourself to a monthly subscription, you can also order a one-off box for £9.99.

You can get your hands on a subscription or one-off box here.

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