The Botox Alternative Serum with a Waiting List of 17,000 Launches Today

It's Boots biggest launch to date


We're always going to want to turn back time when it comes to beauty. Lines, wrinkles, crows feet... anything that promises to reverse these, we're listening. 

And there are a lot of beauty brands out there that use fancy packaging and marketing hype to promote a flashy product drop.

But Boot's No7 never needs to do this. They have a reputation of simple, affordable and good quality products, with a die-hard following. Which is why we're not shocked to see that they're latest product gained a waiting list of over 17,000 people, without even hearing any product plugs about it. 

But the good news is, the waiting list is over: The No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum (£38) launched today at Boot's stores and online, and is the first product to launch from Boots’ new No7 Laboratories range.

This range is a more high-tech suite of powerful, fast acting, non-invasive products formulated to fight the signs of ageing.  

The key bit here is that Boots say the serum has the power to turn the clock back five years in just 12 weeks, and promises that using the product will “help your skin experience an extraordinary visible transformation.”

The formula uses a powerful anti-wrinkle peptide technology, “Matrixyl 3000 PlusTM 4”, which helps skin recover some of its key properties and components, such as elastic fibrillin that is lost early on in the ageing process and gives rise to lines and wrinkles.

Boots conducted a survey on 81 women who were considering Botox. Following a two-month trial, 77% of them said that the serum gave them better results than they thought possible from skincare and 73% said they were less likely to consider Botox treatment in the future.

We're impressed!

Find out more about the product here, where it is finally available online. 

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