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This £4 Primark Eyeshadow Palette Is The Dupe of Urban Decay You Need In Your Life

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Urban Decay fans, you’re in luck if you want to keep stocking up on those famous NAKED eyeshadow palettes the brand are much loved for. 

There is now a £4 dupe version from no other than Primark, and beauty bloggers are going crazy for it.

The £4 Amber eyeshadow palette is being compared online to Urban Decay’s infamous Naked Heat palette, and it even looks like it from it’s external casing.

While there’s no doubt that the Primark version has been heavily inspired by Urban Decay in terms of packaging, can the £4 eyeshadow palette ever really live up to the quality of a £39.50 one?

According to Cosmopolitan, it really can. The online magazine quoted various beauty bloggers and vloggers raving about the palette, saying they are super impressed with it.

The iconic Urban Decay Naked Heat palette has become a cult best-selling makeup product across the globe, but at almost £40 a pop, it can set us back a fair whack. 

But if you own one, you could maybe replace it with this cheaper version, and do the comparison yourself. Or why not stock up and gift them to the UD lovers in your life?

If you’ve tried it and have an opinion, let us know in the comments.

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