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These Are The 3 Biggest Health Risks To Women In Their 20s

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Gals in our 20’s we can do what we want, eat, drink and just have a jolly old time dint we? However according to Bupa Health Clinics’ Lead GP, Dr Luke Powles, we are NOT invincible. 

 “Generally speaking, significant health issues are more likely to develop in our forties, fifties and beyond which makes the decades before that really important,” he told Cosmopolitan UK. “While we may not typically suffer with heart problems or cancers at a younger age there are risks associated with our everyday behaviours, which may only become a problem years later, even if our habits have improved.”

This is apparently the biggest health risks to us gals in the prime of our lives.

1. Melanoma

“Melanoma is the most dangerous skin cancer which can occur at any stage of adult life, however the risk increases as we age,” Dr Luke says. “When we’re younger we might expose our skin more often and for longer periods in pursuit of a tan; but high exposure to UV rays can cause damage to the DNA in our skin cells,” So basically SPF FOREVER!

2. Mental Health

Make sure you are looking after your mental health as it is a huge issue in young adults of today. Suicide is the leading cause of death among people aged 20 to 34, if we are feeling sad or anxious for a prolonged period time then talk to your GP.

3. Smoking

Right we all know its SO fucking bad, so lets just stay away from the cancer sticks. Dr Luke says “The short answer is never start, however, it’s a reality that many people still do smoke and they tend to start when they’re young.” 

4. Liver

All those care free years in our 20s wont have a direct effect on our liver until much later says Dr Luke but it is one to watch out for early. “The relationship they have with alcohol from twenty onwards plays a big part. Alcohol is also the third biggest factor that increases the risk of developing cancer, so your older self will thank you for being mindful of that and drinking responsibly,” the doctor adds.

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