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REVIEW: This Is What Happened When I Lost My Blow-Dry Salon Virginity

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I’ll be honest, I’m one of those girls who doesn’t wash their hair too much, prefers it to have that ‘scruffy’ look (probably doesn’t look as good as I think it does) and I’m currently writing this as I sit with wet hair as I’ll most likely not move until its dried itself off.

So what on earth would a girl like me want from The Blowout, a brand new blow-dry salon in Spinningfields?

Saying that, once I actually had a sneak peek at the place, I got a little bit excited.

After all, I’m a big fan of self-care so if it means I don’t have to wash my own hair for once, that’s great news.

When I entered the salon I have to say, I was really impressed – I mean look at it, it’s stunning.

The Blowout

I walked in and was greeted by Katie London, who created the concept, and her stylist Nadia who was ever-so-polite and attentive.

And when the first thing she asks me is ‘would you like a cup of tea?’ – I was sold.

FYI even if I wasn’t going in the middle of the day on a Wednesday I would still ask for a brew but if you’re getting all glammed up for a night out or special occasion…

Prosecco is on the cards.

I’ve recently had my hair trimmed and girls, you all know that feeling when you first get it trimmed and you feel like you’ve lost all of your length…well I’m still mourning the loss of that length – so I didn’t want anything that would make it look shorter.

Poor Nadia, I had purposely not washed my hair for days because I knew I was coming to The Blowout but I’m sure she’s had worse, right?

The first part of the process is of course ‘the wash’, and oh my god I wanted to eat whatever it was that she was washing my hair with, it smelt amazing.

But it was also incredibly relaxing, I’d happily come back just to get my head massaged again.

Another lovely little touch from The Blowout is that you’re not sat directly in front of a mirror, and I’m speaking for myself here when I say that’s usually the worst part of getting your hair done – no-one looks good ‘during’, do they?

So you’re spoilt with a big ‘reveal’ once you’re hair is done which I actually really appreciate.

And the end result?

The Blowout Sam Says
The Blowout Manchester

I loved it, honestly.

Nadia had done exactly what I asked, wavy but not too wavy so that my just past-shoulder length hair turned into a bob.

I actually felt like my hair was too good for the rest of what was going on that day.

Sometimes I’m so caught up in wearing the same clothes, going through the same routine with my hair and makeup and not really bothering to get dressed up too much that I forget what its like to be a little more ‘glam’.

So, next time I’m off out into the town, or maybe even for a hot date…I know where I’m heading.

Thank you to Kate and Nadia for my new do…it is bangin’.

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