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REVIEW: This Is What Happened When We Visited A Balayage Expert

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Not sure about you guys, but when I first heard about balayage I had no clue what it was, how it was done or what all the hype was about.

All the celebs were on the trend last year – from Rhianna to Sarah JP to Alexa Chung – we saw beautiful, somewhat effortless hair.

Well now we know the secret, balayage.

It literally means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’ and gives people a sun-kissed natural look to their hair – something in January we can merely dream of!

We wanted to see if this trend could turn even normal people into stylish hair goddesses, and when we came across Melissa Timperley’ salon it seemed like the perfect place to give it a go.

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In just two years, Melissa has created an award winning salon that are experts in balayage and ombre, with people coming from all over the world for a visit.

Upon entering, I can see why. Not only do all the hair stylists stunning hair, but the salon is immaculate.

Taking a seat and picking up one of their own seasonal magazines, I was given an insight into the expertise that the had here. Full of hair tips and inspiration and lots of amazing glossy images, I was in awe.

Flicking through the pages of their magazine and transformation books, you could see they were clearly trusted by clients to make big changes.

Be Funky Hair Transformation

I couldn’t wait for my own!

Sitting down with Jessica, she explained what balayage was, and what I wanted from the haircut. With a holiday lined up, I wanted a subtle sun-kissed look with a good trim to really put shape back into my hair.

She then got to work with the painting of my hair, and I was mesmerised by the technique and precision that went into it.

I thought that waiting for the dye to take effect would test my patience, but the magazines, chocolates and constant hot drinks offers made me feel like I was in a 5*resort not a salon!

When the time came for it to be washed out, I loved hearing all about the products they stock. In particular, the fact that they are all Unite products which are vegan and sulphate and paraben free was a big plus for me.

Back in the chair the chop began and I sat there eagerly watching my hair fall to the floor.

They specialise in precision cutting which meant that it was a straight cut, double checked by drying and straightening the hair before styling.

Be Funky Hair

I was absolutely in love. You can see the range of tones in the video below, but they certainly nailed the natural look.

The whole experience from start to finish was amazing. Personal, professional and downright lovely – this will definitely be my salon of choice in the future.

And for all those wondering what balayage is and whether to have it… hopefully this shows the answer is most definitely YES!

You can check out more of Melissa’s transformations on their insta, or book in for your own re-vamp on their website.

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