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Now ALDI Is Selling Dupes of Urban Decay’s Naked Eyeshadow Palettes

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ALDI has been making headlines recently with it’s continuous ‘dupes’ of luxury items. At first, we saw their range of very similar Jo Malone candles. And now the budget supermarket has ventured into the world of make-up, taking on a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette.

Yesterday, we reported the Primark version, which created a buzz across shoppers in Manchester. 

And today, ALDI have swept in, with their new Lacura Naturals eyeshadow palettes, costing just £5.99, and are completely cruelty free.

They are full of 12 pretty natural toned colours to brighten up your make-up look and are sure to suit all skin tones.

Urban Decay’s cult palettes retail at around at £39.50, meaning you would be making a £33.50 saving with Aldi’s version.

Say what!

There have two versions of their palette to choose from – Naturals and Naturals Two – and both are just as gorgeous as each other.

Each palette consists of a range of shades, including long-lasting matte, satin and shimmer shadows.

And just like with the Urban Decay palettes, Naturals and Naturals Two come with dual-ended eye-shadow brushes for easy application, as well as a mirror. So you pretty much have the perfect palettes right there. 

The first of the ‘Naturals’ palette is full of brown smokey hues, and the second is leaning towards more grey, smokey colours.

They are available to pre-order on May 13th, launching instores May 17th.

We’ll be there, queuing and bagging a shelf full…

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