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“My Skin Has Been Completely Transformed By This £1 Face Mask”

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My battle for perfect skin shouldn’t be so tough – I’m lucky that I have naturally very clear skin, and if it weren’t for the fact that I’m extremely lazy when it comes to sticking with products my skincare regime should be easy peasy.

The issue is that I get bored with a product very fast. There’s only a few products that I have been loyal to over the years (shout out to my beloved Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser), so I know that when I find myself using something again and again it means it’s REALLY good.

My latest obsession? A Black Seaweed peel-off mask that cost just £1. I picked it up in Boots in a desperate attempt to clear some blocked pores that realistically I should have been dutifully exfoliating for weeks, but sure look.

This was months ago, and I’ve now made time for this Montagne Jeunesse mask every single week for one simple reason: it has utterly transformed my skin.

I’ve spent up to £60 on face masks and this cheap as chips one does the exact same, if not better as expensive brands. Made with black Laver Seaweed (from the Welsh seaside) and crushed Sea Buckthorn berries it’s a deep cleanse that will lift all grim dirt from your pores while leaving your skin smooth as a baba.

The mask is kinda slimy but smoothes on easily and there’s enough in the pack for a good thick layer

The trick is to leave it on for AT LEAST 30 minutes – trust me, ignore the instructions this once

The package says to leave it on for maximum 20 minutes, but this isn’t actually long enough to let the mask dry. And if it doesn’t dry – you want it crispy – then you won’t get the same result when you peel it off.

Obviously if your skin starts tingling or feeling irritated then wash it off sooner, but hang in there. Let that black seaweed work its magic.

Peel off from the bottom up (being careful of any stuck eyebrow hairs) and rinse off any excess!

I repeat: be CAREFUL OF EYEBROW HAIRS. This mask is strong and I’m still mourning the little baby ends of my eyebrows that it took off one night I wasn’t paying attention.

There does tend to be a bit of a sticky residue once you peel off the mask so your best bet is to grab a damp facecloth and scrub it all off.

Get ready for the softest skin you’ve ever had…

Unlike charcoal masks that I’ve used before, this one doesn’t dry out my skin at all which is a major bonus in this grim winter weather.

Try it just once, and I guarantee you will be legging it out to the pharmacy for more. I’m starting to stockpile them just incase they get discontinued…

A mask that turns you into a crazy hoarder? The perfect skin is worth it.

You can find the face mask here.

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